Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hail Caesar 28/12/11

SteveJ's Seleucids v. Jim's Carthaginians

The Seleucids deployed their phalanxes in the centre, elephants & cataphracts on the right, medium & light inf on his left.  The Carthaginians put their gauls right centre, punic spearmen & elephants left centre, Spanish infnatry & cavalry on the right and punic cavalry on left.

The Seleucids held their phalanx back while advancing with their cataphracts and supporting lights.  The Punes skirmished with cavalry on the wings and advanced their infantry diagonally to the left.

The Punic attempt to flank the cataphracts failed due to the speed with which the cataphracts destroyed their opposition (cavalry, elephants and spearmen) and the intervention of the Seleucid elphants.

The kontos is indeed a fearsome weapon - not only destroying the enemy troops, but also inflicting grevious wounds on the enemy players who got too close.

The phalanx finally advanced.  The Gauls & Spanish redeployed to face it as light cavalry and some Gauls tried to hold off the cataphracts.  But there were now too many Seleucids and not enough Carthaginians left and one by one the Carthagian divisions broke. 

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